Used Audi SUVs, Sedans & Sportbacks For Sale in Warrington, PA

Discover Your Pre-Owned Audi at Audi Warrington

If you live in the Warrington area and want to save money on your next car, we have the perfect place for you.  At Audi Warrington, we have a wide selection of used cars available for you to browse on our lot.  Not only do we have pre-owned cars, but also certified pre-owned vehicles that go through a rigorous multi-point inspection and servicing to ensure each certified vehicle remains true to the Audi reputation.

Used Audi Sedans

If you're looking for a small yet fast car to drive around Newton, then you should look at our Audi sedan models.  Between the Audi A3, the Audi S3 and the Audi A5 there are many safety and technological features, you'll never want to step foot outside your car.

The Audi A4 delivers top-notch performance to match its sporty appearance.  There's luxury all around with a comfortable interior and relaxing environment.  From 2017-2019, the Audi A3 has grown over the past few years.  All our used models can also come from later years that we want to offer our customers for other features at a great price.

Used Audi SUVs and Wagons

If you're looking for something on the bigger side, then our Audi SUVs and wagons are a great way to go.  If you want to take your friends to the charming town of Horsham, then you can pile everyone in your Audi Q5.  The Audi Q5 has been refined over the past couple of years and still stands out as a great vehicle.  A roomy cabin made to hold a lot of passengers so that you can enjoy your ride together.

The Audi A4 Allroad can take to all streets around Richboro and excel at performance with a sporty attitude.  You'll love its rugged and refined design and capabilities.  You won't know a world outside your Audi once you step inside.  Get ready for many exciting rides to come.

Audi Sports

Are you in love with the idea of cruising around at sunset at the parks of Langhorne? Then speeding it up once you get out on the highway? Any of our Audi sportbacks are well prepared to give you a smooth and exciting ride.  You can feel and hear the power in the Audi R 5 Sportback and Audi RS 3.  You won't regret starting the engine to any Audi Sportback you see.

Whether you decide on a pre-owned or certified pre-owned vehicle, at Audi Warrington, we do our best to make sure our cars are ready to be taken off our lot.  For our drivers who seek exhilarating and reliable vehicles, we can help you be wholly satisfied.

Our commitment to finding your perfect vehicle is vital to us.  We help you find the right performance, comfort, and luxury to your next car at the price you want.  Once you stop at our dealership for a test drive and pick the right car for you, then we can take you over to our finance team.  Our friendly staff can help you find the best plan to afford your used car.  We'll make sure it is the right budget for you.

We look forward to meeting you and helping you find your next vehicle.