Audi Warrington's Tire Repair Service

Did you walk to your car this morning and notice a flat tire? Don't panic. We can help you out with our repair service at Audi Warrington.

Flats and Fixes

Tires face a risk of suffering punctures and other damage at all times. Objects in the road such as nails, screws, and more can pierce the rubber and deflate the tire rapidly. Once the shock of discovering a flat wears off, a driver might think the only option here involves buying a new tire to replace the old one. Maybe there's another option.

While seeing a flat tire is bad news, here's some positive info for car owners: it may be possible to repair the flat tire and get it back on the road.

Inspecting and Patching the Tire

Technicians perform a thorough inspection of the tire, inside and out. Upon discovering the puncture and its location, the repair tech decides if the tire is repairable. If so, the hole gets filled or patched. Afterward, the tire is again inspected to make sure no air escapes, and the tire is road safe.

Non-Repairable Tires

Not all flats are candidates for repair. Repairs are for punctures to the center tread and not for punctures on the sidewall or outside the center tread. An excessively deep puncture is a no go as well. Even if the puncture can be fixed, other damage to the tire might make the fix impossible. For example, driving on a flat could ruin the tire.

If the tire can't be repaired, then you'll need to buy a new one. We'll match the right tire to the vehicle and install it. Then, we'll balance everything.

A Full Four-Tire Inspection

The repair process also allows owners to find out about their tires' condition. The technician can check the treads on all four tires. After examining the treads, looking for dry rot, and so on, the techs can recommend a time for tire replacement.

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