Want to learn a bit more about the extended emissions warranty? Fear not, we have the deets!

The emissions warranty covers anything the emissions system affected (check the full list below to get a better idea of warranty coverage). Post emissions modified vehicles can look forward to a 10 year/ 120,000-mile warranty (from in-service date). If it turns out your vehicle is older, it'll get 4 years/ 48,000 mile emissions warranty from the date of modification.

Parts Covered Under the Extended Emissions Warranty

  • Entire exhaust after treatment system: this includes the diesel oxidation catalyst, the diesel particulate filter, the selective catalytic reduction converter, the dosing injector, the exhaust flat, all sensors and actuators, and other diesel exhaust fluid system components
  • Entire fuel system: this includes fuel pumps, high pressure fuel rail, vibration damper, fuel injectors, the pressure control valve, and all sensors and actuators
  • Turbo charger: this includes the turbocharger damper, an on-board diagnostic system, and any malfunctions detected by the OBD system other than those related to the transmission
  • EGR system: this includes the EGR valves, EGR filter, EGR cooler, EGR temperature sensor, all sensors and actuators, and all related pipes and hoses
  • Engine long block warranty: engine sub-assembly (assembled block, crankshaft, cylinder head, camshaft, and valve train)

It's important to note that this warranty extension covers only the diagnosis and replacement of the emissions-related components. The extended emissions warranty includes labor, parts, and applicable taxes, and shall not void or supersede any existing warranty.

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