Looking for an Audi model with performance at the forefront? Warrington drivers may want to consider an Audi with a TDI engine.

Combining direct injection technology and turbocharging, Audi TDI engines manage to bring cutting edge power to Warrington highways. We're proud to inform drivers that Audi touts four TDI engine variants, including four, six, eight, and twelve-cylinder configurations. One of the standout features of TDI technology is its ability to provide low-end torque and high performance, helping to create a smooth, luxurious driving experience. If you're looking for a luxury car that shares sports car DNA, an Audi vehicle with TDI technology is an excellent place to start.

TDI-Powered Models

It's important to note that TDI models are diesel engine variants. Audi models that come with available TDI engines include the Audi A6, A7, A8, and Q5. Whether you're in the market for an SUV or sedan, there's an Audi model paired with a TDI engine available!

The Audi Warrington Team

Have a few lingering questions about the finance side of things? Warrington drivers can look to the Audi Warrington team for assistance! Our team of professionals consists of sales, finance, service, and parts professionals! Want to browse our full inventory of new Audi vehicles in person? Drivers can look to our in-house sales team for assistance! Want to go over available finance options? Drivers can look to our finance experts for help! Our finance team can help drivers by going over available auto loan, finance package, or leasing deals. As far as service after you purchase a vehicle goes, Warrington area drivers can count on our technicians! Our service and parts technicians can help drivers with regular maintenance and more involved repair needs!

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